Be advised TopSolid Update requires firewall access to the following address to download updates

Server - Install & Configure TopSolid Update on a Server or designated Server Workstation

Install the appropriate version of TopSolid Update for the computer selected as the Server.

Note if a Workstation designated as the server for updates will have TopSolid installed on it then skip the install of TopSolid Update an continue these steps after TopSolid has been installed


Choose the version to install by first checking if the computer is 32 or 64 bit via the System properties

32 Bit Installation file

64 Bit Installation file


Accept all default except for page which asks for Setup Type, select Complete


Once installed start TopSolid Update from the Start -> Programs -> Missler Software -> TopSolid'Update -> TopSolid'Update

If any updates are requested install them and then go to Options


Change the Update Mode to Server Mode


Set the Server folder to a Shared folder which all users will be able to access and set the Updates to keep in server folder option to Last 3 Updates

(Note that a network share cannot be used as a Server folder however its direct server folder path can be used)

Set the Check for updates at Every Day at 12:00

Select the correct Applications to Update for which require updates downloaded for.




On each workstation set the Update Mode to Client Mode

Set the Server folder to the network share containing the TopSolid Update files.