How to Mirror Whole Projects:

1.       Create a new file and insert the project you would like to be mirrored. [Assembly > Include Sub Assembly/Part]

2.       Mirror the included assembly and select the desired mirroring plane. [Edit>Repeat >Simple Mirror]

3.       Exclude the original assembly by excluding its instance from the propagation. [Modify Propagation > Exclude Instance]

If your project is relatively simple and does not have In-Place SubSets (Cab1, Cab 2, Cab3 etc)  then you do not need to continue with the remaining steps.

If your project does contain SubSets then the following steps must be done to ensure correct information is printed on the part's labels when processed to the machine.

For Cabinet Names (Cab1, Cab 2, Cab3 etc)  to come out on the Label correctly SubSets must be structured directly underneath the Main Assembly. In the picture below, the current mirrored project shows an incorrect hierarchy - the SubSets are nested several levels down.


Below are extra steps to take to ensure Cabinet Names comes out on the labels.

  • Take a screen shot of the mirrored project tree. We need to capture the @ID of the subset and any single parts directly underneath 'Instance 1'.


  • Right Click on the repetition and extract it from Main Assembly


  • Now we need to manually reinsert just the subsets back into the Main Assembly. But before we do that we need to create a dummy/sacrificial object first. The purpose of doing this step is so that during the insertion/re-Defining process the dummy object will sacrificially inherit any new characteristic settings and leave the existing SubSets to retain its previously defined characteristics.

  • Either draw a dummy block or place a dummy coordinate system on screen.


  • Now we are ready to re insert our Subsets and or Parts back into the Main Assembly. Right Click on Assembly > Insert


  • When prompted, first select the dummy object then continually type in each @ID of the subset one after another.
  • When finished press the STOP button and then you’ll  get the Characteristic dialog box pop up. Press STOP again. And then NO to Not Define the Assembly Characteristic.

  • Now you’ll see each subset reinserted back into the MainAssembly. (Notice the italic font.)


  • If you happen to break out of the insertion command or need to insert more items then remember  to create and select a dummy object first.

  • The mirrored project is ready to be processed to the machine You can see from below that the tree structure has the correct hierarchy which means the labels will also be correct.




***Please be aware that this mirroring process will not rename any Part's designation. That is, a LH End will not automatically rename itself to be RH End