The D_DOCUMENT_DATE _FORMAT configuration keyword allows you to define the way to display the date into TopSolid’Draft. 

This keyword must be added into the topzdft.cfg file located in your configuration directory (by default C:\Missler\Config) using the following syntax:



Where dd is replaced by the day, mm by the month and yyyy by the year.


You can use any separator that you want as described in the examples below:

    D_DOCUMENT_DATE _FORMAT <tab> dd/mm/yyyy


    D_DOCUMENT_DATE _FORMAT <tab> dd-mm-yyyy

The year can be displayed using 2 characters:

    D_DOCUMENT_DATE _FORMAT <tab> dd/mm/yy

You can also display only a part of the date as the year using 4 characters as shown in the example below:

    D_DOCUMENT_DATE _FORMAT <tab> yyyy

Information can also be inverted as in the example below:

    D_DOCUMENT_DATE _FORMAT <tab> yyyy/mm/dd


N.B This keyword does not control date format for revision index.