The following steps are a guide to rerouting an existing model and draft document as a new document and draft.

It is important that both the existing model and draft are saved as a new name before you begin. These can be saved 

either in the same file as the existing documents or in a new folder.

In the following I have saved a file called Monday test as Tuesday Test and I want to reroute the draft document that I have already created

for Monday Test to Tuesday Test including all the job properties for Tuesday Test.

Open the model you want to save as a new document and Save as a new document, repeat the same for the draft document.

Open the new saved as draft document.

1- Go to file in the drop down menu and select Reroute

2- Select from the dropdown the current document to Reroute.

3- Select the New referenced document. This means to select the document that you want the new draft to be connected too.

This can be done in two ways.

    3a- Click on explore and navigate to the saved .top file

    3b- If the model is open click on the tab to open the model and than click in the workspace of the model.

Press esc on the keyboard once completed and click save.