Creating a staircase style propagation is easy if you are unable to draw a curve to propagate on or if you want to control the horizontal or vertical distances between instances:


  1. Edit > Repeat. Select object.


  1. Select CUMULATED TRANSFORMATION from dropdown list



  1. Then, Select COMPOSITE from the drop down list again when prompted for Transformation.



  1. Now, click on TRANSLATION when prompted for Transformation Number 1



  1. Click on X+ when prompted for Translation direction



  1. When prompted for Translation distance, this means enter the horizontal distance between instances.



  1. Now you will be prompted for Transformation Number 2. Click on TRANSLATION



  1. Select axis Z+



  1. Enter a Height distance between instances



  1. Press stop to complete the propagation series



  1. Enter the number of instances in the Run



  1. The function is now complete.