When creating a Draft Sheet template in TopSolid be aware of the Standard (ISO, ANSI, AFNOR, JIS) that is selected as there are some basic visual differences between the standards in terms of drafting.

These differences cannot be changed via a config variable or in the Options menu….they are internally pre-set. And once a Standard has been applied to a file it cannot be changed or overrided. (This also explains why some format settings simply cannot be found in the Options dialog boxes)




Some basic, visual differences between the two standards in terms of drafting:


  • ANSI dimensions are read horizontally. ISO dimensions are parallel to the dimension line.


  • ANSI dimensions are centered on the dimension line. ISO dimension are placed above the dimension line.


  • ANSI tends to use abbreviations. ISO uses symbols. (example: RAD, DIAM, 3 PLACES versus R, Ø, 3X)


  • dimensions have a different syntax.


ISO: 3X Ø 1.000