You can now permanently licence your EzyNest dongle by following the below instructions.

To Permanently licence Ezynest.


Your initial Ezynest installation was issued with a temporary licence this was done for transportation purposes.

A permanent licence update for your Ezynest software is available for you to download.

To update your licence from temporary to permanent please ensure Ezynest is fully closed and that the Ezynest dongle is attached to the computer.


Go to the windows start menu select “All Programs”.

Select the folder labeled “AllMasterSoftware” and click on it.

Select Allmaster software.jpg

Select the first option “Check for Updates (EzyNest)”. Click once on this option.

Click Check for updates.jpg

Depending on your operating system you may the below message appear.

Click “yes”.

User Account control.jpg


You will then receive the below message ensure the message contains “(Expiry date removed)”

Click OK.

17-07-2012 9-17-14 AM.jpg

Update was successful click OK.

(if for whatever reason the update was not successful contact technical support).

17-07-2012 9-17-45 AM.jpg


Select close. Your Ezynest licence is now permanent.

17-07-2012 9-18-12 AM.jpg